Friday, February 24, 2012

so, it's been awhile...

i am back! i can't promise how consistent i will be though! i have decided to pretend that the past two months did not happen, i just can not bring myself to recap christmas, new years, etc.  i am a horrible blogger! BUT.. i can force myself to post a few pictures of our recent happenings.  nothing too exciting, except greta turned 2! she is a crazy girl, and we love her so much.  two years really did fly by!

she loves:
(in no particular order of course)
elmo, carrots, tangled, books, tv, berklee, co co, juice, fries, maggie, grandma and grandpa, brushing hair, coloring, babies, running away from me, taking her hair out right after it is styled, bubbles, hadlee, going anywhere, hamburgers, strawberries, lion king, the ladies at the rec daycare, fishies, eggs, and tv again.



Thursday, December 22, 2011

merry christmas!

my apologies to those who
we failed to send a christmas card to,
i didn't really plan ahead and
sent them on a whim.
we hope you all have a fabulous holiday!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i had to share these pictures of greta
that kurt took a couple weeks ago.
she is such a little poser!

thanksgiving 2011

this year we had
thanksgiving at my parents house.
it was good food as usual,
and a fun day spent with the fam.

the fam enjoying the food.
does anyone else feel like
thanksgiving is a lot of hype?
i love it!
but seriously,
we prepare the food for days,
then when it is finally time to eat
the meal last about 20 minutes!

grets was very honored to
sit at the big girls table
with bryn and emma

my lovely sister chloe

grets with my grandpa

grets with the original greta

kurt and i discussing our smiles
for the upcoming pictures..
we cannot take a serious photo.

cheesy smile

i don't know what this is?

thanks to all for a great day!
i know i am a week late on this one,
but i am extremely thankful
for a wonderful husband,
a healthy little girl,
lots of family,
and good friends!

for your reading pleasure

i just finished reading crossed,
which is the sequel to matched.
i really liked it, but definitely loved
the first book a bit more!
i thought crossed was
kinda boring in some parts,
but it definitely left me hanging
in the end.
does anyone know if this
series is a trilogy,
or will there be more than three books?

i am now reading
and it is so good!
it was a bit slow
in the beginning,
but i am halfway through
and i can't wait to finish it!
again, does anyone know if this is
a series? if so when does the
second book come out?


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Family Pics

A few weeks ago we had
family pictures done.
They turned out so well,
I love them!
But can I just say that family
pictures are HARD.
Coordinating outfits,
finding a photographer,
finding a location,
finding a time that works for everyone,
and then...
getting your kids to smile!
Greta was a little devil child
that day.
It was nearly impossible to get her
to hold still, and she screamed
almost the whole time.
Good thing we had an awesome
photographer who managed to get some
good shots or her.
And it is a really good thing
she is so cute!

i seriously love this picture!
i look like i am lovingly looking at my daughter
but i am so annoyed!

this one cracks me up

I am just a little relieved these
are all over with!
Thanks to Erin for taking
beautiful pictures!
Check her out she is great!


Since it is almost Thanksgiving
I figured I better blog about Halloween!
Greta is obsessed with Elmo
so when I found an Elmo costume
online for $16 I about died.
They are usually around $40!
She had a fun time trick or treating with
her cousins, and loved the candy!

trying to get a picture of her and her "punkin"

trick or treating with berk

Berk and Grets

it is hard for kurt to take a normal picture


Way back in September
Kurt, his parents, and I
took a trip back to Kurt's
mission in the Caribbean.
We went to the island of Guadeloupe,
where Kurt served the majority of the time
and we also went to St. Martin.
It was an awesome trip.
We had so much fun,
and I am so happy that we went,
I don't know if we would have found
another time to go.
Here are some random pictures
of our 10 days in paradise!

the view from our hotel in Guadeloupe

we visited one of the houses kurt lived in

the members were so nice, and fed us every meal!

a lovely beach we visited

we hiked up to see the waterfalls

dinner with some more of kurt's friends.
this cute little boy made me miss my grets so much!

the place we stayed had a pool overlooking the ocean.
it was so nice!

orient beach

watching the planes come in

we had such a fun trip,
but i was so happy to come
home to my baby!
i missed her so much,
and it only got worse when
our flight was delayed
a day because of hurricane maria.
but we made it home
safe and sound!